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Tiny Pants Kids & Industry Kids Present “Super Fun Saturday” !!!

January 14, 2014

Tiny Pants Kids & Industry Kids Present “Super Fun Saturday” A fun-filled, family oriented event for children in New York City, that combines components of learning, entrepreneurship and the power of decision-making via custom work. This one day, ticketed event is a call to action for parents and children to experience a three part workshop that will expose youth to sustainable living through jewelry making, custom art design, candle making, gaming and physical activities. This event will be a life learning experience for parents who will indulge in pampering, health and nutrition lessons. Super Fun Saturday, is a must-see and must-experience fun day for parents and children combined.



Jadas Winter Wonderland Adventures

January 12, 2014

                   Living in New York City as a Parent some may find it a little hard to keep their children entertained outside of school hours or even on the weekend. The big apple is full of surprises…. NYC is known for its vibrant fashion and exciting adventures. It is the perfect place for your mini stylista to look fashionable and be entertained at the same time. Tiny Pants very own Ms. Jada Does the job oh so well!!!! Check out a few places Jada will be heading this winter…..

toysrudToys r Us Times Square: Located in the Heart of New York City. Now you may be thinking “toys r us really”. Sounds simple! This toys r us is like no other witness it has 3 floors of excitement each offering something fun and different, They have a giant Ferris wheel for under 10 bucks , a huge barbie house that stocks barbies from the floor to the ceiling, for our collectors out there. An ice cream store, and live toy demonstration and tons of toys and characters to play with.

The ToysRus is located 1514 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, (646) 366-8800,


American Girl Place: This is a place for the ultimate girl this place located right off Rockefeller Center, is stocked from every angle with dolls, books and clothes for the doll and child. They offer everything from dolls from the 1940s to a damerican_girl_place_dollsoll designed to look like the little princess shopping for one, and little baby dolls, Hair salon and ear piercing station all for the doll located within the 3 floor establishment. This place is all for experience they also offer dining options if you and your family are interested. Afternoon tea, brunch, lunch and dinner, reservations are recommended. It gets really crazy with all the tiny shoppers and their parents waiting to be seated. If your child doesn’t have a doll don’t fret you still can go dine her you will provided with your American girl doll of choice to join you guys on your dining experience, with a special chair and food for the doll herself. If you’re looking for an unforgettable place and experience for your child this is the way to go.

The American girl place is located 609 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017 (212) 371-2220, )

The Children’s Museum: A great place to have fun all the while educating your tiny one. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is located on the upper west side. With the museums Eat Sleep Play: Building health ecmomveryday motto. It’s a great way to go about teaching the parents and their little ones the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Although this may be a crazy place filled with excited tiny people and their parents, this place has the perks of a school with all the craziness of a gymnasium. With Nickelodeon- sponsored sections such as the Adventures with Dora the Explorer and Her Cousin Diego. Letting children have fun feeding the baby animals, Learning a foreign language (Spanish) and even learning to create a few Latin dishes for a nice fiesta.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is located at 212 West 83rd Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave on the Upper West Side (212-721-1223,

tastebudsTaste Buds Kitchen: A place where kids to make their way around the kitchen. Located on the west side of Manhattan, is the taste buds kitchen where they offer unique kitchen experiences for children and their parents. Teaching children a variety of different cupcakes recipes from frog faced green cupcakes to spaghetti and meatball cupcakes all while working in groups of ten. Classes are $45 for a single session and they special multiple class prices for anyone interested in really becoming a pro in the kitchen. Moms and Dads if you can use a few extra tips in the kitchen Taste buds kitchen also host special adult classes, corporate events and even parties. All available for kids and adults so it can be a family treat.

The Taste Buds Kitchen is located at 109 West 27th St. 10FL (212-242-2248, )

Join in on the fun and take your mini me on a winter wonderland excursion and share his/her experience…

-leslie taylor

We Love our Tiny Pants Customers!

October 6, 2010

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Starting out as a new brand, there are some rules that apply for International shipping… We at Tiny Pants Kids love our customers so much that we go the extra mile.  A customer by the name of Chrystal was very interested in purchasing our popular Mango peacoat for her little fashionista. It was a must have for her 1st day of school!

She simply sent an email inquiring about shipping to Canada because our website does not have the option… It was simple and easy. We responded  with our customer service # for her to place a phone order. You can do the same 800-918-7670 ext.1.  She was so happy when she received her Tiny Pants peacoat- See her email below:

“We received the pea coat and I love it!  We’ve received numerous compliments already!  It’s such a rich colour, and I love it for fall!
Attached is a couple of pics of my Alexandra in it!”

Warm Regards,


Rain, Rain…Come Again Today!

September 2, 2010
Jada modeling her Tiny Pants Kids raincoat.

We had a summer rain shower a few weeks ago; and to Jada’s delight, she was able to wear our new raincoat.  I posted this photo on my Facebook page and many of you asked when and where you could buy it.  Well, I’m happy to say the shipment just came in and it’s available NOW!  Click here to purchase.  It’s over 90 degrees today in New York, and I say bring on the rain!

Talk again soon : )



What’s Your Mini Stylista’s Favorite Accessory?

August 31, 2010

 Safe Nail Polish for Your Mini Me

Jada's cute finger nails showing her personality!

As mommies, one thing we have in common (if you have a little girl) is that she loves to get her nails and feet done. My daughter Jada is 3 years old and loves to get her nails and toes done just like her mommy.  She likes bright colored nail polish…especially blue since that is her favorite color. Some people tell me she is too young to get her feet polished, but I feel that when she is wearing sandals, she should be able to express her style through colors on her toes and fingers just like me. 

My only issue with nail polish was finding a safe kid-friendly polish. I did some research and found some non-toxic nail polish especially made just for kids called Hopscotch Kids.

Most nail polishes contain harmful ingredients that are no good for our little ones. Ingredients such as: formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone. I wanted to find a safer option for my daughter that still allowed her to wear nail polish. Hopscotch Kids is a water-based nail polish. There are no toxic chemicals, which makes me comfortable.

Hopscotch Kids WaterColors has great color choices and are available in a wide array of fun, vibrant colors. The colors have fun names like “Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in a Dish,” “Ice Cream Soda Pop,” and “Heads Up Seven Up” –  just to name a few. The nail polish will cost you $12.99 each, but it is worth it for your daughter’s safety!

They also have cute gift sets that include safe polish remover.  There is no need for a base or top coat with Hopscotch Kids because it’s salon quality (meaning it won’t chip easily and it shines) making it an even better value.  In addition, (to top it off) if you are concerned about the earth, the product is 100 percent biodegradable.  Hopscotch Kids WaterColors is a great safe nail polish that still allows your daughter to express herself while staying safe, and as a parent, safety is #1!

 Talk again soon : )



June 21, 2010


Summer is officially here! We thought there is no better time than now to write our first post and let our TinyPants fans and family know what’s going on. Hmmm… what is going on?! Pretty much any and everything! My partner Lindsay and I hit the ground running with our debut collection last season and we haven’t come up for air.  We went to Las Vegas Kidshow in February and we hit the children’s ENK show in NYC in March…and now summer is here and our first collection for Fall 2010 is hitting the stores and it’s quite amazing!  Check out the most popular styles ordered below…

While deliveries are going out soon for the fall collection, in the words of Jay-Z we are already “On to the next one.” We’re working hard on bringing a spectacular Spring 2011 follow up, and if I say so myself, we won’t be falling into any sophomore slump. The spring collection is hottt!!! We are so excited that we are busting at the seams – literally.

Hope you guys have a great kick off to summer and check back again soon as Lindsay and I will be blogging about the business, the line, celebs and their babies and anything else that tickles our fancy!



Hello world!

March 30, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!